Learn about designing apps for tvOS.
In 2010, 25% of TVs sold were connected to the Internet. Now, 3 out of 5 households with a broadband connection have their TV connected to the Internet for content viewing and social interaction. Television has become part of the continuum of devices that require a rethink of how we design and share web content.
Just like designing a mobile app, designing a TV application can be a fun and complex thing to do, due to the numerous guidelines and best practices to follow. Bellow, I listed the main best practices to keep in mind when designing an app for a 10-foot screen.
An introduction to the basic ingredients of a TV UI Welcome to the new Golden Age of television. Not only is there more great television being produced than ever before, but we also have more choice in how we watch our favorite shows.
The massive and mind blowing Game Developer's Conference is here, and in the spirit of all things gamey and delicious (like lamb and portobellos) let me tell you about a few super awesome concepts from the world of game design. This is MY list. If you don't like it, make your own!