The massive and mind blowing Game Developer's Conference is here, and in the spirit of all things gamey and delicious (like lamb and portobellos) let me tell you about a few super awesome concepts from the world of game design. This is MY list. If you don't like it, make your own!
I'm writing this from a slightly saddened perspective, revisiting my favorite SNES RPGs and realizing something: I've been spoiled by modern UX design. The sentiment is pretty universal. Hugon on the Quarter to Three forum writes: "When I think 'console RPG' I think pages of fairly inscrutable character info and bad navigation.
When building complex interactions, planning, testing, and iterating is crucial for great user experiences. Before jumping headfirst into your project, you have to test your ideas over and over to ensure what you've created is the most effective means of accomplishing your user's goals.
In mobile, multi-touch interactions like pinch to enlarge, pull to refresh and double tap etc. are natural navigation elements, it's more difficult to find the same variety of interactions on desktop...